Ask Me Anything on Reddit Along with 24 Other Therapists!

 Dr. Kevin Hyde, therapist treating anxiety, stress, and worry - Palm Harbor, FL.

This post is a little different than my usual blogs. Last week I took part in a huge series of Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads on Reddit with many other online therapists. If you're unfamiliar with AMAs, it's an opportunity for random people on Reddit to ask questions of a celebrity, or an expert of some kind. As a group, we answered questions on an unbelievable range of issues, and I'd encourage you to look through the threads of topics that may apply to you. I've linked all the threads below. 

Mental Illness
Divorce & Dating After Divorce
Challenges of Entrepreneurship & Women in Leadership
Social Anxiety
Rape Counseling
Mental Health - I'm here!
Various Subjects - I'm here!

If you couldn't find an answer to your questions in those threads, please reach out and ask by e-mail or phone. You can also feel free to schedule a free 30 minute consultation for us to discuss what treatment might look like and also answer specific questions.